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Discover the +1 collective

logo +1, the ecology turned into actions

From diverse backgrounds, the members of the +1 collective are all committed to concrete action contributing to ecological transformation. They represent different Veolia stakeholders: shareholders, employees, clients, society, and the planet. They have all signed a charter committing to a sincere, transparent approach and are keen to add their own experiences, challenges, and solutions to find a shared path. 



Veolia employees who have become members of the collective were selected after a request for applications from in-house candidates (from the Paris region). Nearly 100 applications were received. The number of highly-motivated letters of application received showed a strong willingness to commit to taking specific collective action to implement the ecological transformation. 15 employees were selected to form part of the collective, on the basis of their representative and complementary profiles in terms of location (head office/operational teams), business lines, operational departments, job positions, age and gender. 

  • Jean-François Bulteau
    Directeur of Operations & Works, OTV Grand Paris, Veolia Water Technologies

    I started working as a design and field engineer at Degrémont (Suez). In 2005, I joined OTV Veolia, where I oversee a department of 35-40 people dedicated to offers, projects and operations. I have a keen interest in the +1 approach, particularly because I’m concerned about the lack of action and ambitious, concrete initiatives from companies, local authorities, and society. I hope that this will lead to a list of concrete actions and, in turn, make us more useful, efficient, and collaborative when tackling today’s challenges.

  • Guillaume Darmouni
    Strategy Project Manager, Veolia Environnement

    As an engineer with a passion for energy transition, I have worked in several sectors—solar, green building, infrastructure, and energy services—in France, Canada, and the UK. I was convinced by the +1 initiative because I think it is essential for me to reach out to our stakeholders and step beyond my bubble at Veolia headquarters. Through the sessions, I hope to discover new ideas to inform our sustainable growth strategy.

  • Marion de Barbeyrac
    Environmental and Energy Lawyer, Veolia Eau France

    I worked as a lawyer in public business law for 12 years, before focusing on environmental and energy law for 6 years. Participating in the +1 collective aligns with my current projects. It also makes sense given my personal convictions and involvement in various ecological initiatives. I’m very interested in participating in collective debates, because it is enough to be +1 to act and accomplish beautiful things.


  • Hervé Deroubaix
    CFDT Trade Unionist, Veolia Eau

    Since I started my career in 1988, I have held several trade-union mandates: central trade union delegate in the water sector, group trade union representative and European secretary. I’m convinced that employees have a key role to play in ecological transformation. This must not become a topic for “insiders” only. The group needs to be more direct and understand that ecological transformation is a matter for all employees.

  • Charlotte Esmieu
    Project Director, Veolia Industries (MIB)

    Passionate about energy issues, I have spent the last 10 years working in Japan and France in technical and project management roles. I’m now in charge of developing industrial utilities management projects. Anxiety is mounting, the climate emergency is here. Joining the +1 collective is, in my opinion, an opportunity to act on a “human” scale to help build a desirable future. I hope the mechanism will enable us to act through our combined strengths to have a wider impact.

  • Alexandre Espinoza
    Financial Structuring Director, Veolia

    After training as an engineer and economist, I began my career at the French Ministry of Finance. I then joined Veolia, where I have been working on project development since 2008. What convinced me to join +1? The desire to invent new ways to implement very concrete initiatives that foster ecological transformation. Given the stakes involved and the complexity of the issues, I’m convinced that mobilizing stakeholders with a wide range of backgrounds and points of view will generate new creative solutions.

  • Arno Husson
    Policy Officer, MIB’Innov

    During my career, I have worked in several organizations: Institut Montaigne, Kantar Public, Idemia, Deloitte Public Sector, and finally Veolia's air accelerator. I’m convinced that collaborative and inclusive projects, beyond Veolia’s own scope, will create ecological value. Innovation is one way to accelerate ecological transformation. With a collective approach, I hope to find and co-construct innovative solutions for the environment.

  • Philippe Imbert
    CSR Director, Veolia, Eau du Grand Lyon

    As well as actively contributing to community life in Lyon, I’m in charge of CSR and lead many partnerships for Veolia. This co-construction and innovation mainly relate to social, societal, and environmental issues. The stakeholder consultation process embodied by +1 will enrich the different points of view, to which I’m proud to contribute. I hope that this constructive approach will also challenge the Veolia group, its raison d’être, and strategic orientations.

  • Catherine Lasserre
    Director of HR Development and Social Innovation, Veolia Activité Eau France

    I have built a HR career within the water sector—internationally and, since 2013, in France. I have worked on issues such as social performance, social commitments, diversity, transformation and, increasingly, HR development and social innovation. I’m taking part in the +1 group to capitalize on the opportunity to share and co-construct with colleagues from different backgrounds, focused on a topic that is very motivating. This will enable us to offer solutions and ideas from day 1.

  • Amélie Lemaître
    PMO Transformation Department, Veolia Recycling and Waste Management (RVD)

    After 6 years working in executive support at Veolia's UK and Ireland headquarters and 2 years at Veolia's Aubervilliers headquarters, I joined the RVD teams in 2021 as PMO (Project Manager) to support strategic projects in the RVD Impact Plan. We have a duty to listen and share. I want to give my time to support the ambitious +1 project. I hope these sessions will implement collective intelligence, in a structured way, and offer the beginnings of solutions to be tested with our stakeholders.

  • Benoit Rezeau
    Deputy Director, Markets and Offers Division, Veolia Eau France

    I’m fortunate to have had an enriching career at Veolia Water France. I started as a team leader in operational functions in 1994. I have since held different management positions within the company. The concept of co-construction at the heart of +1 convinced me to join. This notion is essential to me and a strong source of motivation. I hope to share, learn from the exchanges, and potentially reproduce this kind of format with our own stakeholders.

  • Charleyne Terry
    Sales Manager, Veolia Eau France, Île-de-France

    I’m an experienced project manager and salesperson specialized in deploying sustainable solutions. I have an international background, having spent time in China and the US. My areas of expertise are the circular economy and building resilient communities. What interests me most about +1 is bringing stakeholders together to come up with concrete actions. In the medium and longer term, I hope that there will be some kind of follow-up after the encounters.

  • Claudia Thévenet
    SVP Smart and Resilience Solutions, Veolia Corporate

    I started my career in water at Degrémont in Brazil (2 years), then at Veolia in China (10 years), and finally in France (9 years). Since 2014, I have been working at the Veolia headquarters focusing on resilience. I chose to join +1 because the challenges of tomorrow require us to move fast, and I’m convinced that working together is one of the ways we can be faster. Through our efforts, I hope we will come up with a shared action plan to do our bit for ecological transformation.

  • Thierry Witkowicz
    SVP Smart and Resilience Solutions, Veolia Corporate

    I started my career in water at Degrémont in Brazil (2 years), then at Veolia in China (10 years), and finally in France (9 years). Since 2014, I have been working at the Veolia headquarters focusing on resilience. I chose to join +1 because the challenges of tomorrow require us to move fast, and I’m convinced that working together is one of the ways we can be faster. Through our efforts, I hope we will come up with a shared action plan to do our bit for ecological transformation.

  • Abdelkhaliq Zenati
    Operations Manager, Veolia SARP Île-de-France

    I started my career with a work-study program at Veolia. I’ve now been with the Group for 16 years. During this time, the experience and diplomas I’ve gained within the Veolia campus have consolidated my career development in the environmental sector. Participating in this collective is an opportunity to share our individual and collective experiences. By listening to our stakeholders, we can adjust our actions with the shared goal of preserving our resources.


The Clients category includes representatives of local authorities, of industrial companies and of the service sector. This category of stakeholders was selected to achieve a sample that was representative of the Group’s activity in France. The constraints of the health crisis and the desire to hold all “+1” sessions on a physical presence basis led to the voluntary de facto restriction of those selected to representatives from France, and particularly from the Paris region.

  • Sandrine Bouttier-Stref
    VP, Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Societal Impact chez Sanofi
  • Frédérique Colas
    First Deputy Mayor of Joigny and Departmental Councillor

    Having trained as a social worker, I’m now a deputy mayor in Joigny and a Departmental Councillor. I was also vice-president of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region from 2015 to 2021 and, as such, in charge of issues relating to ecological and energy transition. I joined +1 to build and reflect collectively on the challenges of tomorrow. For me, this is a way for us to prepare for the future. Transitions must involve everyone, and the +1 collective is an important part of this.

  • Gérard Eude
    VP for Economic Development, Higher Education and Research

    I trained as an R&D engineer. Today, I am the Deputy Advisor for Economic Development, Higher Education and Research at CAPVM. 

    I joined the +1 collective out of curiosity and personal interest. What do I expect? Cooperation and concrete exchanges.

  • Emmanuelle Fournier
    Operational Launch Manager, Jardins d'Arcadie Exploitation

    I have followed an atypical career path, as I’m self-taught, mainly in monitoring building projects, supporting operational launches, and property management. I chose to participate in the +1 sessions to inspire our CSR approach, which we implemented in January 2020. I hope to better understand the different approaches and actions adopted by the other companies, both now and in the future.

  • Jean-Marie Guerin
    Director of Industrial Coordination, Naval Group
  • David Kimelfeld
    Director, Kimelfeld Conseil

    I trained as a nurse before founding my own company. I was also Mayor of Lyon’s 4th arrondissement, and President of Greater Lyon. I was convinced to join by the topics that will be addressed during the +1 sessions, as well as the very appealing methodology. I’m looking forward to a sharing, positive confrontation between different backgrounds and experiences to produce ideas and proposals—the fruits of collective intelligence.

  • Marion Pedeutour-Gadras
    CSR Manager for Professional Products Division & leader of "Salon of the Future", L’Oréal France

    I completed a Key Account Commerce & Project Management course, specializing in Global CSR & Sustainable Development Management at Mines Paris Tech.  

    Joining +1 allows me to participate in stakeholder workshops in line with the company's raison d'être. I hope to take part and co-construct concrete actions. 

  • Johan Pivron
    Director of Corporate Real Estate, Major Projects and Innovation, Bouygues Immobilier
  • Pauline Plewa Delplanque
    QSE Coordinator, Razel-Bec
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Reymund
    Head of "prospective, partnerships, territorial innovation" mission, Toulouse métropole

    I studied at Sciences Po Paris to become an economist. I then worked as a territorial development practitioner in Lorraine, Marseille and, for almost 20 years, in the Toulouse area.

    I joined the +1 collective because I’m interested in participating in a closed club and the strategic thinking of a large global group whose market is local. I'm curious about the process: I hope to discover new ideas and visions for a very uncertain, but undoubtedly exciting, future.

  • Caroline Siguret
    Zero Waste Project Manager, Leroy Merlin France

    In my previous job roles, I was responsible for implementing responsible waste management strategies. I’m also committed to my local area (communities and NGOs). I joined the collective to meet other participants, be inspired, and draft ambitious (yet realistic) pathways to bring stakeholders in a specific area together. During the sessions, I hope to exchange, learn, and shake up the system for a better world.

  • Pierre Tebaldini
    Cabinet Director, Communauté d'agglomération de Marne et Gondoir

    The Marne et Gondoire agglomeration has launched key projects relating to environmental transition. We have also been selected by the Ademe (Ecological Transition Agency) to work on this topic in the context of resilience. Within the +1 collective, I hope to share ideas and bring a more real and less dogmatic vision of the environment. I want to create opportunities for us meet the challenges of tomorrow and support an industrial, technological, and scientific vision of ecological transition.

  • Zinou Zeglil
    Industry and Crafts Officer, Seine-Normandie Water Agency

    I have 5 years of experience implementing, leading, and coordinating the Seine-Normandy Water Agency's policy in the field of financial aid for economic players. One of the missions of the Seine-Normandy Water Agency is helping economic actors improve their water management. By participating in this group, I hope to promote the financial aid available to economic stakeholders—raising awareness about the challenges posed by water management and quality.


The Shareholders category includes representatives of the shareholders of the Veolia Group such as individual shareholders, asset managers, employee representatives and institutional investors, although the health crisis and geographical constraints meant that those selected were not totally representative.
More specifically, this category of stakeholders includes participants from the business and financial world such as investment funds, other institutions and associations, professional investors and one of the banks.

  • Clémence Béguier
    Venture Capital Analyst in Cleantech & Smart Cities funds, BPI France

    I trained at the HEC business school. I then joined Bpifrance where I am an ecotechnologies venture capital analyst. 

    I joined the project because I’m convinced that more ecological actions are needed. I hope that constructive exchanges will give us the keys to adopt concrete initiatives in favor of ecological transition.

  • Antonin Cobolet
    Key Account Manager, BPI France

    Throughout my career, I have facilitated collaboration between start-ups and large groups. I have a keen interest in environmental transition issues, especially as I’m involved in setting up partnerships in this field. With the +1 collective, I hope to contribute to the reflection process and establish relationships to work on concrete actions to help drive ecological transformation.

  • Zoé Constantin
    Investment Director, Impact Partners

    I have held several positions in M&A consulting in Austria and France. This has led me to manage private equity investments with social impact in Europe, as well as ecological and health-driven projects. I joined the collective to raise awareness and contribute to solutions that support ecological transformation.

  • Stéphane Dubuis
    Managing Director, Collecticity

    After having been secretary general of various mutualist groups, I now run Collecticity—the first participatory financing platform for the public sector and territorial and transitional projects via financing from institutional investors and citizens. I believe in the power of the “collective” and the need to act together to meet the challenges of ecological transformation. With +1, I hope we will end up with a prototype approach to enable stakeholders to provide very concrete responses.

  • Jean-Baptiste Duchateau
    Former Director of Corporate and Stock Exchange Law, Veolia
  • Hadrien Gaudin-Hamama
    ESG Analyst, Mirova
  • Philippe Hermann
    Senior Sustainable Finance VP, finance department, Veolia

    I was Director of Operational and Environmental Performance Support at Veolia for 7 years. In 2021, I became Director of Sustainable Finance. Understanding the point of view of different stakeholders is essential for building synergistic approaches and for truly sustainable performance. What do I expect from the sessions? To think collectively in an open way about new models combining ecology and sustainability, at every level of the company and its stakeholders.

  • Anne-Claire Imperiale
    Co-Head of Socially Responsible Investment, Sycomore AM

    As an engineer in industrial risk and environmental impacts, I worked for 8 years in sustainable development auditing and consulting, before joining Sycomore AM's management team 4 years ago.  We’re convinced that taking all company stakeholders into account in value creation is a vector for sustainable performance. This kind of consultation process is innovative, yet essential. I’m delighted to be part of such an approach, which is, undoubtedly, inspiring for any company with an ecological vision.

  • Bénédicte Katlama
    Member of Shareholder Consultative Committee

    Having retired from banking, I’m an active member of Veolia Group's shareholder advisory committee. Ecological transition is a topic I feel very strongly about.  Within the +1 collective, I hope to contribute to reflections and proposals for concrete action in this field.


  • Marie Marchais
    Head of Engagement Platform, Forum pour l'Investissement Responsable

    I began my career at Ardian as a private equity and infrastructure investor. I then worked at Novethic—a media platform specialized in SRI and CSR—and at ERAFP, as an institutional investor. I’ve been at the Forum pour l'Investissement Responsable since April 2021. I believe that thinking collectively with representatives of multiple stakeholders can give rise to interesting and innovative ideas, through consensus. I hope that these exchanges will lead to clear, operational solutions.

  • Stéphane Marchand
    General Delegate, Institut du capitalisme responsable

    As a journalist, I’m keen to maintain a close connection with the business world. The work of the Institut du capitalisme responsable and +1 collective are very similar. I’m counting on the +1 sessions to help tackle major ecological challenges in a positive, effective, and quantified way.

  • Nicole Sablong
    Associate Professor of Economics and Management, retired

    I studied law, then taught DECF (accounting and finance) and preparatory classes at HEC. I have also written books on business management for secondary and higher education. As a member of Veolia's Shareholder Committee, I’m heavily involved in environmental topics, in line with the group's strategy. I would like to see the +1 approach in action and exchange with other participants.


The Civic Society category includes participants who contribute not only to the economic activity of the regions but also to their social cohesion, to citizens’ participation in public life, and to a general reflection on the major social and ecological challenges facing the regions concerned. This category of stakeholders is, for example, made up of entrepreneurs, academic and economic specialists, representatives of a “third place” co-working area, of local and national associations, Think Tanks, Action Tanks, and a charitable foundation.

  • Kevin André
    Founder, Kawaa
  • Emmanuelle Aoustin
    President and General Manager, Regenerative Alliance

    For 20 years, I have been working as a leader in sustainable and regenerative transition in different formats: Corporate at Veolia, Consulting at Quantis, and Community at Regenerative Alliance.

    I first joined the collective out of trust, as I’m friends with the organizers. As I have a genuine interest in this approach, I want to broaden and strengthen my relationships. Through this inspiring initiative, I hope to meet new people and participate in sincere exchanges. 

  • Matthieu Auzanneau
    Director, Shift Project

    I'm a former journalist and I currently run the Shift Project, a think tank that works towards a carbon-free economy. Veolia is a member of this project. I hope that exchanges during the sessions with the +1 collective will enable me to better understand the vision of Veolia and its stakeholders in relation to ecological transition.

  • Jacques Berger
    Director, Action Tank Entreprise & Pauvreté

    After studying at HEC (1990), I worked at Braxton Associates and then at the Boston Consulting Group for 5-6 years. I created a company and, for the last 10 years, I have been involved in developing a social economy incubator. I’m very interested in how +1 is being implemented and in listening to other points of view on ecological issues. I’m also curious to see what will come out of this kind of approach, which could then be multiplied to deal collectively with very complex issues.

  • Célia Blauel
    Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Paris 2030 outlook and resilience at Paris City Hall
  • Benoit Bourrat
    Managing Director, National Network of Pimms Médiation
  • Irène Colonna D'Istria
    Programs and Partnerships Developer, Makesense
  • Marie De Penanros
    Director of Transformation, Quality and CSR, ALD Automotive France

    I was Revenue Manager and then Head of Operational Excellence and PMO in different companies for 10 years. I am now responsible for transformation, quality, and CSR at ALD Automotive. What convinced me to take part in +1? Above all, the desire to reflect together on the positive impact companies can have to build a sustainable future. Together, we will be able to define shared, concrete actions that can be applied directly.

  • Claire Dufour
    Head of Development & Ecological Transition, Groupe SOS

    I have been working in climate finance for 10 years. For the past two, I have been helping associations and social enterprises in the SOS Ecological Transition Group develop.

    With +1, I hope that we will be able to progress collectively towards a decarbonized world. Moreover, I’m interested in the results of the sessions because, for me, it is important to be proud of what the company I have invested so much in is doing.

  • William Elland-Goldsmith
    Managing Director, Mouvement UP

    After two years at the Terra Nova think tank, I joined the SOS Group in 2012—the leading social and solidarity economy player in France and Europe. Since 2018, I have been running the Mouvement UP media platform, which is committed to socio-ecological transition. Socio-ecological transition shouldn't be a debate between experts. Everyone must be able to contribute, in whatever way they can. This is our objective at Mouvement UP, which I believe is shared by the +1 collective.

  • Agathe Euzen
    Research Director & Deputy Scientific Director at the Ecology and Environment Institute, CNRS
  • Laëtita G.
    "Not known"

    I grew up in the 1980s in France’s Var region, in close contact with nature and the sea. I have always had a strong ecological conscience. Many people feel like they are being blamed for environmental problems and say that only governments and big companies can act. My response is that we’re not the problem, but part of the solution. For me, this vision resonates with the approach adopted by the +1 collective. During the sessions, I hope to confront my—perhaps naïve—ideas with the reality of the issues we’re facing and the means of different stakeholders.

  • Nathalie Jaoui
    President, Crit group

    Crit is a family business created in 1962. After studying economics and econometrics, I worked in the finance department. Since 2000, I’m the President of the temporary work division. CSR is essential. For this reason, I’m keen to contribute and work with different parties within the +1 collective. I hope that, together, we will be able to launch concrete actions.

  • Alexandre Jost
    Founder, Fabrique Spinoza

    I began my career as an industrial engineer. Since then, I have also been a strategy consultant and senior executive of the SOS Group, before founding the Spinoza Factory—the citizen happiness movement. I agreed to take part in the collective to add to the debate and suggest concrete solutions and positive changes in the way we look at ecological transformation. This will enable us to cross-fertilize ideas and innovate. On a personal level, I hope to learn, share Spinoza Factory’s knowledge, influence, and increase the impact of innovative ideas.

  • Marine Kerdaffrec
    Junior Designer, Humaniteam

    Having graduated from an industrial design school, I’m involved in design projects relating to the circular economy and Sustainable Development Goals. I’m particularly interested in the opportunity to work on ecological and sustainable development issues with people from different professional backgrounds. What do I expect from the sessions? To improve my understanding of certain issues through the expertise and experience of other participants, as well as understand how to implement a successful collaborative creative process.

  • Amandine Lepoutre
    President, Thinkers&Doers

    I founded a think tank committed to a fairer transition. It brings together international thinkers and stakeholders working on ecological and social issues including companies, institutions, associations, researchers, and artists. I got involved with the +1 collective to participate in collective reflection and action. The combination of group work, sources of inspiration and actions convinced me to join.

  • Jean-Christophe Levassor
    Director, La Condition Publique
  • David Menasce
    Managing Director, Archipel&Co

    For the past 20 years, I have been helping companies, associations and local authorities design and implement social innovation strategies.  A fairer transition requires stakeholders to work together. This is why it’s such a good idea to unite different participants through the +1 initiative. This will enable us to share common problems and imagine solutions and concrete experiments together.

  • Caroline Neyron
    Managing Director, Impact France
  • Matthieu Paillot
    President-Founder, Kisaco

    After 22 years in the energy sector, I founded Kisaco—a GreenTech start-up that promotes responsible production, distribution, and consumption. We are co-responsible for challenges that affect individuals, societies, and the planet. The only response to this co-responsibility is committing together, especially with +1! Pragmatically, I see the +1 system as an opportunity to enrich my own thinking, as well as identify and team up with others who are committed to implementing concrete solutions.

  • Nils Pedersen
    General Delegate, Global Compact France

    My background is rooted in civil society—including a strong commitment to nonprofit through La Fonda— but also business facing and focused on challenges in the field. Dialogue, exchanges, and sharing are at the heart of what we do. The "world of tomorrow" can only be built through collective intelligence, and this is why I joined +1. What do I hope to learn and discover during the sessions? To exchange points of view and better understand each other's expectations.


The Planet category includes participants linked by their professional or research specialisations to the present and future major environmental issues, together with representatives of the mobilisation and commitment of society at large with regard to these questions. This category of stakeholder is also represented by national and international institutions, experts in sustainable development, young activists, associations and foundations.

  • Stéphanie Barrault
    Head of Communication, IT and Sustainable Development Department, Citepa

    With a scientific background, I worked for more than 15 years on greenhouse gas emissions in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. As head of the communication and sustainable development department at Citepa, I help management develop the association’s CSR policy. I find the +1 approach original and interesting. I’m convinced that gathering people from different backgrounds and brainstorming together is an effective approach to find new ideas—which I hope to apply to our own sustainable development policy.

  • Grégoire Cazcarra
    President-Founder, citizen movement Les Engagés !

    After graduating from Sciences Po, ENS Ulm and ESCP, I became president of the Les Engagés! movement and co-founded NGO A voté. I also wrote an essay, entitled Génération engagée, published by VA Editions. I joined the collective to work with and learn from professionals who think about ecological transition all day, every day. I want to make the aspirations of my generation heard. I hope we will be able to build synergies between diverse stakeholders, as well as develop concrete, operational solutions for a more sustainable and resilient shared future.

  • Benoît Galaup
    Head of Biodiversity, Resources and Digitial, Entreprises pour l'Environnement (EpE)

    With an engineering degree and Master of Agroecology, I have experience in sustainable finance, environmental project management, sustainable development consulting, agricultural research, and agriculture. EpE gathers large companies committed to economic development that is socially acceptable and compatible with the limits of the planet. We want to join as many initiatives as possible, including the +1 collective, to accelerate ecological transition and build a shared, inclusive vision.

  • Flora Ghebali
    CEO, Coalitions

    I held several political positions, before moving into the social and solidarity economy. I have since created my own structure, Coalitions, which helps economic players undertake transitions and transformations. I always find it interesting to take part in collective intelligence workshops on transition issues, which is why I agreed to join the +1 collective. I hope to hear different opinions and discover Veolia's capacity to implement our projects.

  • Géraud Guibert
    President, La Fabrique écologique

    During my career, I was an advisor in the cabinet of former French prime minister Pierre Bérégovoy and also Laurent Fabius. In 2012, I was the chief of staff for the Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. I’m currently the president of La Fabrique écologique - a transparent, pluralist think tank.

    I agreed to join the collective because I’m convinced that citizen co-construction is essential for the ecological transition. I hope to leave with new ideas.

  • Anne Le Corre
    Co-Founder, Printemps écologique

    After working as a consultant to public and private organizations, I co-founded Printemps écologique. I joined the +1 collective because communication and co-construction are key to ecological and social transition. The purpose of this collective aligns with the objectives of Printemps écologique. I hope that the sessions will bring constructive exchanges and ideas to create levers capable of driving action.

  • Emmanuelle Ledoux
    Managing Director, Institut national de l'économie circulaire

    I’ve been involved in issues relating to the environmental for a long time, both in the private and public sectors. I wanted to take part in the +1 collective, above all, to promote the circular economy. What do I expect from the sessions? A clear-sighted diagnosis and for us to develop shared proposals.

  • Xavier Leflaive
    Senior Administrator, OECD

    As a sociologist, I advise governments on environmental policies. I’m passionate about public policy reform (environment), as well as new forms of management and corporate governance. I chose to join the collective because Veolia's initiatives in both environment and governance are exciting. I’m delighted to be able to contribute. In my opinion, the system can help challenge what is often taken for granted—blending a form of radicalism with a more pragmatic approach.

  • Perrine Meunier
    Head of Strategic Projects and Founder, Le filon

    After a master’s degree in management, five years ago I created Le Filon—an association committed to helping homeless women. I now work there part-time to have more time to learn and commit to other projects.  Why did I choose to take part? To continue learning about the challenges created by climate change, and contribute to positive, co-construction dynamics. At the end of the sessions, I hope to be better informed and obtain concrete takeaways. I am a great believer in commitment, and I hope that everyone will continue to take concrete action.

  • Alexandre Rambaud
    Senior Lecturer at AgroParisTech and Co-Director of Chaire Comptabilité Écologique
  • Amélie Rouvin
    Eco-entrepreneur, EChOSOPHIA

    As a former circular economy and environment manager in the Veolia Group's sustainable development department, I decided to join the +1 collective. I’m very interested in this initiative that will bring together stakeholders to discuss ecological, social, and societal transformation. During the sessions, I hope to take part in interesting exchanges, meet participants from different backgrounds, and co-create deliverables that are useful for society.

  • Romain Troublé
    Managing Director, Tara Ocean Foundation

    I have a master's degree in molecular biology, from HEC and Telecom Paris. I’m also a sailor in the French team (America's Cup) and Director of the Tara Foundation since 2009. I have also chaired Plateforme Océan & Climat since 2017. I joined the +1 collective because I’m convinced multi-sector dialogue is at the heart of the transitions that need to be invented and deployed in the next decade.

  • Anne-Laure Van der Wielen
    General Secretary, 2030

    After 7 years in development cooperation, I’ve started helping companies transform and become more sustainable.  I’ve chosen to participate in the +1 initiative because I believe a multi-stakeholder process is essential. I’m also curious to see the methodology used. I hope that the learning process will be transparent and provide a critical eye to optimize the way we work together.