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Working abroad

Are you under 28 and a recent graduate, you are of European nationality? Have you already had a first experience of working? Do you want to give the start of your career a boost with an international mission? Do you have an open mind, are you able to adapt? Our PANGEO program is for you!

Did you say “PANGEO”?

• Our PANGEO program offers you the possibility of going on a mission abroad to one of our sites, for 12 or 24 months, usually on VIE contracts (International Voluntary Work in Business).

• Engineers, project managers, business analysts, QHSE, financial, communication, human resources managers: the program is open to all activities. Attractive missions in our 3 main areas of activity: water, waste and energy management!

• Veolia’s extra? Throughout your mission, you will benefit from a personalized follow-up. Our dedicated team will closely monitor your integration in the new country (housing, cultural adjustment, taking up post, etc.). It's good to feel well-supported!

See our VIE opportunities at the bottom of the page


Every year between 40 and 50 young people benefit from our PANGEO program. So why not you?


The 3 countries that hosted the most VIEs in 2020 are Belgium, Germany and the United Arab Emirates

Try the PANGEO experience!

The program combines autonomy and responsibility and has 5 key advantages:

1. Acquiring new responsibilities: you will be autonomous in your work and will be able to assume responsibility more quickly.

2. Experiencing working abroad: it's always a plus! Because it offers the opportunity to open up to other cultures and discover who you are: curiosity, boldness, adaptability, etc.

3. Accessing the VIE network and our Resourcers community: potentially valuable professional contacts to be made!

4. Developing your profile within Veolia: at the end of your VIE, we will take steps to enable you to join our Group.5. The opportunity to develop in a large dynamic group: working at Veolia means being able to constantly enrich your skills and your career, discover new activities... and why not leave again for one of the 47 countries we operate in!


Being a Resourcer means being part of a community
with a unique view of the world and a different mindset.

Being a Resourcer means seeing the things
 around us in a special way.

What about you? Are you a Resourcer?

Be inspired by our Resourcers’ stories

Our employees tell you about their jobs and their missions in all the countries in which we are present. Come and share their enthusiasm for resourcing the world!