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Documentary - On the front lines: Veolia at the heart of the crisis

Facing the unprecedented crisis caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, Veolia mobilized from the first days of lockdown to maintain the essential services and protect its employees around the world.


For several months, between March and May 2020, we followed them: from Veolia's headquarters, but also on the field in France, the USA, Morocco, Latin America and even in Asia. In the midst of the pandemic, our collaborators worked day and night to ensure that water was treated, waste collected and recycled, and that services were maintained.


With this documentary, the Veolia Group pays tribute to its everyday heroes who - in deserted streets or on sites, from their computers confined at home, and wherever the Group is present - work in the shadows every day so that the services that are essential to preserve our quality of life continue to be delivered.


Discover the documentary in 10 sequences

Our daily heroes